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Robin Behrstock Author

Robin Behrstock


Robin has been starting businesses since she was a kid. Most of them were failures, which—as they should—became learning experiences. At the age of 33, it all paid off when she started a copper mug business just as they became a popular trend. In less than three years, she grew the business to annual sales of $3MM. With that success came the realization it wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. The best part of being an entrepreneur—for her—wasn’t making money or selling lots of copper mugs, it was inspiring people. Long-term, that's what she wanted to do. So this book idea became her new focus with the goal of inspiring women around the world to do something different, to step outside their comfort zone or move beyond their present circumstances and make their dreams a reality!


Dennis Lowery


Dennis Lowery is a writer, ghostwriter, author and publisher. A United States Navy veteran, since 1993 he has been an owner or co-owner of trucking, manufacturing, business services and publishing companies. Since 2008, he has focused on his writing, ghostwriting and publishing. In that time, Dennis has written, ghostwritten and authored several nonfiction books, novels and dozens of shorter works. Decades of business involvement, beyond just writing and publishing, and his understanding and experiences as a father of four daughters gives him keen insight that resonates within his many stories portraying strong, capable, women, their challenges and how they faced them.
Since 2010, Dennis's company Adducent has published over sixty titles for clients as diverse as generals and admirals in the US military, senators, Fortune 500 CEOs, doctors and lawyers, university professors, CIA agents and people who have led extraordinary lives, overcoming challenges and accomplishing their dreams. One title published, that particularly fits a focus on stories of women who have achieved great success, though faced with many challenges, is Porcelain on Steel | Women of West Point’s Long Gray Line. This title was a finalist for The William E. Colby Military Writing Symposium, Colby Award, which recognizes a first work of fiction or nonfiction that has made a significant contribution to the understanding of military history, intelligence operations, or international affairs. 


Lori Ames

Lori Ames

Public Relations

Lori Ames has been involved in book publishing and book publicity since the early eighties.  After receiving her degree from Hofstra University in 1979, she worked briefly for a mass market paperback publisher, and then began her publicity career at a boutique book publicity agency in New York City.  After more than three years there, she joined book publisher William Morrow, where she remained for six years, advancing to the position of publicity director. During her tenure with William Morrow, she worked with many bestselling authors, celebrities, and sports figures.

In late 2010, Lori’s son was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor, so she left the fast-paced world of Manhattan to care for her son and in the process set up her own agency. Her son Robert is doing very well and plays an important role at the company.