Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the story behind this book?
A: Robin Behrstock is an eCommerce entrepreneur and realized the best part of having her own business wasn't making money or selling lots of products, it was inspiring people, and that's what she wants to do. So this book idea became her new focus with the goal of inspiring women around the world to do something different, to step outside their comfort zone or move beyond their present circumstances and make their dreams a reality!

Q: How can I increase my chances of being chosen for the book?
A: We want the stories to be entertaining and inspiring and we want this book to be a huge hit. If you have a great story and can help us publicize the book to a large engaged audience, there’s nothing else you can do to increase your chances. We plan to publish future editions focused on different industries, and global versions containing stories from other countries. So if you aren’t chosen this time, you still have a chance to be part of the book series!

Q: How long should my answers be in the submission form?
A: There aren't any length restrictions. We want you to write as much or as little as you want.

Q: I’m not a great writer, can you help me?
A: Yes! We have a ghostwriter on board who can help you. We encourage you to submit what you can and we’ll add more and improve it based on our interview with you. Our ghostwriter, Dennis Lowery is a renowned writer whose company has published over 60 books, some of them award-winning.

Q:  Do I have to have to be super successful to be featured?
A: We want to hear all kinds of stories, even those about failure (which is often a prerequisite for ultimately succeeding). Success can mean so many different things. It is not just about money. It can something as simple as achieving a goal, even if it’s not the original goal you set out for. We want to hear unique stories about many different types of businesses of all sizes.

Q:  I am so busy, what is the time commitment if I’m chosen?
A:  It isn’t a lengthy one. We’ll do a 30 to 60-minute interview and have additional conversations if needed. We’ll send you a draft copy of your chapter and ask for your comments or revisions, and then we’ll send a final copy for your review and approval. No travel required. However, there will be book launch parties and press events that you could attend if you desire.

Q: What is your timeline for publishing this book?
A: We plan to publish the book in April 2017.

Q: How will I benefit from being featured in the book?
A: We're aiming for this book to be a huge success! With the help of all the people involved, we hope to bring large amounts of publicity to you and your business. We will also provide financial benefits by sharing a percentage of the profits with each person or company featured, or with a non-profit of their choice.

Q: How will the book be distributed?
A: The print version of the book will be distributed and made available to over 40,000 retail outlets worldwide via Ingram, and an interactive eBook version will also be available.

Q: What happens after the book is published?
A: We plan to publish future editions focused on different industries, and global versions containing stories from other countries. There could also be a speaker series, workshop series and more!

Any other questions? Please contact us and we'll do our best to respond within 48 hours.