Barb Adams Live

‘Barb Adams Live’ is a radio show about Empowerment and Freedom of Choice—the most important freedom you have—and how we as individuals and as a nation can become most effective. The show’s  thought-provoking discussions seek to inform and inspire through in-depth interviews with top-name experts in the fields of health and well-being, politics and political thought, economics, spirituality, the paranormal, history’s mysteries, and global environmental issues. Aided by an informed opinion and balanced viewpoint, host Barb Adams delivers insightful talk radio while “Searching for Truth!”  

Barb features Robin Behrstock and talks about her book, Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs. Listen here.

Learning to Embrace Failure

Listen to author Robin Behrstock on The Hustle Show. On this episode Robin shares the story of how she went from business to business, looking to provide the best product she could come up with. She started and grew a copper mug company and grew it to 3 Million a year in sales in just 3 years. Robin released her new book and is now empowering women entrepreneurs and inspiring them to do big things.

Watch on The Hustle Show or iTunes, click on Episode 19. 

Onward Nation Podcast - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stephen Woessner is host of the Onward Nation podcast, CEO of Predictive ROI, and a digital marketing authority, speaker, educator, and bestselling author two books, The Small Business Owner’s Handbook to Search Engine Optimization and Increase Online Sales through Viral Social Networking. This week, in episode 565, he features Robin Behrstock, author of Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs, Stories that Inspire. In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • Becoming purpose-driven in your business and career
  • Using your time effectively with self-motivating management techniques
  • How to develop habits that contribute to success
  • Leaving your comfort zone to break your routine and learn from challenges
  • Testing the market to gather essential data for product development
  • Using online marketplaces to test product viability
  • Calculated risks that can bring to birth new business ideas
  • Managing international supply chains in the modern marketplace
  • Raising your awareness of new business opportunities and taking action on them

Listen here.


Stand Out Radio - Living Life on Your Own Terms

Robin Behrstock is featured on Stand Out Radio, a show about women living life on their own terms. Robin was at a bar one night, drinking a cocktail called a Moscow Mule from a copper mug. It was then that she had an idea and created Alchemade, a copper mug business which grew to three million dollars in sales per year in just three years.

It was at this point she realized her purpose wasn’t just to make money, it was to inspire people. And with the release of her book Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs, a collection of real women overcome real challenges and achieving real success, she’s doing just that.

Listen to the episode here.

Press Release Now Available

Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs -- Real Women, Real Stories
For anybody who has ever dreamed of starting their own business but thinks they lack what it takes, ADVENTURES OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS: Stories That Inspire, by entrepreneur and small business consultant Robin Behrstock, provides inspirational examples by sharing her own story, and highlighting 11 women (and 1 man) who overcame both personal and professional setbacks to turn their dreams into reality.

The press release can be viewed and downloaded here.

Going to Press!

We are so excited, the book is finally going to press and will be available on Amazon in a few days. Here's the description on the back cover:
We often read about famous and inspiring entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, but we rarely hear about the thousands of successful business owners all around us. They’re male, female, young, old, college educated or lacking a degree. No matter the type, it’s almost certain they started with the desire to live life on their own terms.
Reading inspirational stories is great, but you must see in them that the positive outcome is something you too can attain. The individuals in this book are regular people who are easy to relate to, all from different backgrounds, and followed different paths to entrepreneurship. The hope is they inspire you to realize that you too can make your dreams a reality!
Many people want to achieve independence by having a business that aligns with their passion. This book shows that it is within everyone’s reach, despite the challenges and barriers that might be in the way.